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Did you know... RegCure is so confident in their product that the RegCure registry cleaner comes with a 100% no satisfaction no questions asked money back refund… which may be claimed at anytime during the first 60 days of you receiving it… meaning you have 60 days to use RegCure and establish that it meets all of your expectations.

To further boost your confidence in RegCure you may have noticed that the highly reputable is the financial institution that will process your purchase using 128Bit SSL secured encryption… and because SafeCart receives your payment on behalf of RegCure this means that SafeCart also administers all refunds. SafeCart’s simple refund procedure is set out in the accompanying SafeCart resource. You will receive confirmation emails immediately after your purchase … please file them in a safe place along with a copy of this web page.

The RegCure software, is a fully downloaded digital product, backed up by unlimited free online technical support from a dedicated team of over 150 professionals, who will work with you to resolve any issue that you may encounter, see theTestimonials. The RegCure software is downloaded directly onto your pc (personal computer)… triggering the start date of the 60 day guarantee… implying that your computer will be running like a brand new pc well within the hour.

ParetoLogic, RegCure’s holding company, is proud to announce that RegCure is
compatible with the Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Operating System; along with all major Windows operating systems… and that the RegCure package includes a full back-up utility to make your registry cleaning experience easy and safe.
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Please do visit the Testimonials page.

"Wow!!! You guys are awesome!! Everything you told me to do worked great! So far I'm not having that DLL error anymore! I will definitely keep using RegCure! Thank you soooo much for ALL your help!"
Lisa Sacco

"I do have RegCure up and running and it found over 1300 problems ... cleaned them (or whatever it does) and now my computer isn't making me tear my hair out in frustration anymore!!! Again, thanks for your expedience and your willingness to help me!"
Happy Customer,
Judi King

"I would like to say, that with the assistance from your Team, I was able to remove Error message 2718 from my computer. On my part, it was certainly a learning curve.
Having read some reviews on the internet with regard to RegCure, I have made a good choice in downloading this program, as it is rated as one of the best, if not the best program of its type.
Thanks again."
Bob Dick

"My computer is now running better than ever, since my purchase. I have tried quite a few programs to speed and repair my pc, Hence no product has worked as quick as ParetoLogic.
Thank you again for your help and kind words.
Have a wonderful day."
Yours sincerely
Ms Debbie Hunt


(Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the registry?
The Windows Registry is the place on your computer where Windows stores information which it may require in the future such as, user profiles, the relationships and settings for hardware, software, the ports being used, the various applications and the documents they create … amongst other things. It is a vital part of your Windows operating system.

Why should I clean my registry?
 During the every day use of your computer the Registry automatically keeps stuff which in time is no longer relevant... the accumulation of this orphaned and misplaced information clogs up the Registry causing your computer to slow down leading to error messages, freezing and system crashes. Cleaning your Registry is the easiest way to help avoid these common problems.

How do I clean my registry?
By using registry cleaner software that checks (scans) your Registry and locates items that can be safely removed. The choice then is left to you to decide to either remove all the items that the registry cleaner software identifies for removal or alternatively to individually remove items that you select from a list that the software will provide. Normally one simply chooses to remove all identified items.

Can't I just delete registry items on my own?
It is somewhat difficult to determine within the huge volume of items which item corresponds to which application… removing items yourself may easily result in removing a required Registry item… causing your computer’s software to crash or start to show error messages. This is frustrating because you will have to "System Restore" deleted stuff.

What if I accidentally remove something I need in my registry?
Not to worry. Just like Microsoft Word, your computer has an "undo" option. In this case, it's called System Restore. To access the System Restore Wizard < click Start < and then click Help and Support < click Performance and Maintenance < click Using System Restore to undo changes < and then click Run the System Restore Wizard.


3 Steps to Repair Your PC

Step 1: Download RegCure (FREE)

Step 2: Scan Your Computer

Step 3: Click Repair

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